Robocup soccer

NAO robot

RoboCup is an international research and education initiative aimed at fostering artificial intelligence and robotics research ( It encompasses several different divisions, one of which uses Robot Soccer as a technical challenge motivating new research and applications of artificial intelligence. RoboCup operates annual international competitions, an annual research symposium, research special interest groups, and, national or regional autonomous robot competitions.

The overall aim of the Robocup Initiative is stated as follows:

"By mid-21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall win the soccer game, comply with the official rule of the FIFA, against the winner of the most recent World Cup."

Robot playing soccer

The Maynooth Robocup team compete in the Standard platform League, which is a RoboCup robot soccer league, in which all teams use identical robots. The robots operate fully autonomously, i.e. there is no external control, neither by humans nor by computers. The current standard platform used is the humanoid NAO by Aldebaran Robotics. The main page for the Robocup 2010 competition can be found here.

The RoboCup standard platform league replaced the four legged Aibo league in 2008.

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