Terms of Reference and Constitution



1.) Ireland Systems and Control Committee (ISCC)


2.)(a) To act as the Ireland National Member Organisation for the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and to appoint representatives to IFAC Technical Committees.
(b) To coordinate and promote the practice and science of systems and control in Ireland.
(c) To attract into membership of ISCC representatives from those nationally recognised professional institutions and societies with a commitment to systems and control.
(d) To organise an annual lecture promoting interest in systems and control.
(e) To actively support the Irish Systems and Signals Conference.
(f) To act as a focal point for informed views about systems and control.


3.) Representatives from any organisation deemed by the Committee to have an interest in, or an association with, systems and control and related disciplines may become a member of the Committee. 
4.) Membership is through application to the Committee.
5.) Members are required to uphold the aims and objectives of the Committee, as expressed above. 
6.) A Chair-Elect shall be appointed by the Committee during the year preceding an IFAC Congress, to serve for one year as Chair-Elect, three years as Chair and three years as Past-Chair. 
7.) A Vice-Chair shall be appointed by the Committee to serve during the two years in which there is no Chair-Elect. 
8.) An Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee.


9.) The administration of finance is the responsibility of the Honorary Treasurer. Annual accounts are to be prepared for presentation by the Honorary Treasurer.
10.) Membership fees are to be reviewed annually and set by the Committee.

Annual Meetings

11.) In addition to the annual lecture, ISSC will organise an annual meeting of the Committee with all Ireland persons on IFAC and other technical committees.

Alteration of the Terms of Reference and Constitution

12.) Alteration to these Terms of Reference and Constitution can be effected only by the formal written agreement of all the Corporate and Associate Member organisations.