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WECCCOMP is an open competition which will compare energy-maximising controllers for wave energy converters (WECs), both in simulation, and in real time, using a scale device in a tank test situation. 

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UPDATED 14/03/2018 - New competition timeline!!!

  • 1st Dec. 2017 - Registration opens.
  • 1st Sept. 2018 - Entry deadline.
  • 31st October 2018 - Shortlisting complete.
  • 15st Nov. 2018 - Interactive implementation refinement.
  • 31st Jan. 2019 - Implementation evaluation.
  • 31st Mar. 2019 - Final results published.

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Energy in ocean waves is distributed across a wide range of frequencies, with a challenge to optimise the loading of a WEC to maximise power capture across a range of sea states that a wave energy installation may be subject to. While there are a significant number of studies which evaluate particular devices under particular wave excitation conditions, few studies exist which compare a number of control strategies on one (or a set of) standard device(s), with consistent wave excitation applied in each case, to level the playing field. The objective of the currently proposed competition, which will consist of a standard WEC prototype platform, is to compare the energy capture performance of various WEC control strategies evaluated, in the first instance in simulation and then, for shortlisted entrants, on the prototype device in a wave tank environment.

WEC experimental system

The system to be used in the control competition is a single degree of freedom (DOF) wave-activated body WEC, as in the following figure.

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Control competition requirements

Submission of control strategies will occur in two stages. In the first stage, strategies will be evaluated using a numerical model. For the second stage, a subset of the competitors from the first stage will be asked to submit a revised version of their controllers for implementation in a real-time control system, which will be evaluated through experimental wave tank testing on the physical system.

WEC numerical model

The control system should be developed in the provided numerical model of the WaveStar device developed in WEC-Sim, shown below.

To learn more about the numerical model and the WEC-Sim simulation environment, click on the button below!

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WECCCOMP submission procedure

EWTEC 2017 conference paper

WECCCOMP information sheet

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