Prof. John Vincent Ringwood
Director of COER
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Dr. Oliver Mason
Associate Professor Dept of Mathematics and Statistics
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Carrie Anne Barry
Lab Manager
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Dr. Fernando Jaramillo-Lopez
Postdoctoral researcher
Real-time control of wave energy converters
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Dr. Bingyong Guo
Postdoctoral researcher
Exploiting parametric resonance as an assistive phenomenon for wave energy conversion.
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Dr. Andrei Ermakov
Postdoctoral researcher
Development of a new type of wave energy converter
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Nicolás Faedo
Ph.D. Student
Nonlinear control of wave energy converters
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Marco Rosati
Ph.D. Student
Real time control of oscillating water columns for wave energy devices
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Simon Thomas
Ph.D. Student
Control of wave energy converters
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Yerai Peña-Sanchez
Ph.D. Student
Wave excitation force estimation and forecasting for wave energy applications
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Jake Cunningham
Ph.D. Student
Estimation and forecasting for wave energy applications in the moment domain
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Hafiz Ahsan Said
Ph.D. Student
Integration of renewable energy
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Diego Moens de Hase

Qusai Elmoosa

Dr. Josh Davidson
Former Deputy Director of COER

Christian Windt
Former PhD student
PhD - high-fidelity numerical hydrodynamic modeling of Wave Energy Systems.

Dr. Liguo Wang
Former postdoctoral researcher

Louis Cogan
Former intern

Dr. Demiàn Garcià-Violini
Former postdoctoral researcher

Prof. Alain Ulazia
Visiting Professor

Dr. Ronan Costello
former Deputy Director COER and postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Jochem Weber
former senior researcher

Alix Untrau
Former intern

Leonardo Pio Pistillo
Former intern
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Hakim Bouhali
Former intern

Dr. Simone Giorgi
Former PhD student

Dr. Francesco Paparella
Former PhD student
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Dr. Alexis Merigaud
Former PhD student
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Dr. Giuseppe Giorgi
Former PhD student
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Dr. Markel Penalba Retes
Former PhD student
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Dr. Thomas Kelly
Former PhD student
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Michel Barbier
Former Intern

Francisco Dorespiuma
Former Intern

Jost Kemper
Former Intern
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Benazzou Akram
Former Intern
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Riccardo Novo
Former Intern
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Clément Auger
Former Intern

Ilaria Leoni
Former Intern
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Louis Papillion
Former Intern
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