Prof. John Vincent Ringwood
Director of COER
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Dr. Demián García-Violini
Postdoctoral researcher
Robust control of wave energy devices.
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Dr. LiGuo Wang
Postdoctoral researcher
Development and implementation of control strategies for wave energy converters.
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Thomas Kelly
Ph.D. Student
Hydrodynamic and thermodynamic computer modelling
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Markel Penalba Retes
Ph.D. Student
Design and control of wave-to-wire models for wave energy converters
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Nicolás Faedo
Ph.D. Student
Nonlinear control of wave energy converters
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Giuseppe Giorgi
Ph.D. Student
Hydrodynamic modelling of wave energy converters under controlled conditions
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Christian Windt
Ph.D. Student
High-fidelity numerical hydrodynamic modeling of Wave Energy Systems
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Yerai Peña
Ph.D. Student
Wave forecasting and estimation for wave energy applications
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Alexis Mérigaud
Ph.D. Student
Wave energy forecasting, modelling and control.
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Alain Ulazia
Visiting Professor
Associate professor in the University of Basque Country
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Jost Kemper
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Louis Papillon
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Dr. Josh Davidson
Former Deputy Director of COER

Dr. Giorgi Simon
Former PhD student

Dr. Francesco Paparella
Former PhD student

Michel Barbier
Former Intern

Benazzou Akram
Former Intern

Riccardo Novo
Former Intern

Clément Auger
Former Intern

Ilaria Leoni
Former Intern